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K9 Consulting, our trading name, provides both hands-on resources and consultancy services across a large part of the IT Spectrum.  Our experience in projects as diverse as Datacentre Architecture through to Point-of-Sale GUI design is unlikely to be matched elsewhere, and our flexible approach is appreciated by many clients. The breadth of our experience covers Retail, Banking, Manufacturing, Publishing and Logistics businesses and we are able to provide both direct technical services and training and documentation assistance.

Most things... well most things IT related anyway. Are you contemplating a new Inventory System, wondering if it is worth upgrading the Office PC's, looking to design an offsite Backup solution to protect the business? Would you like your staff trained on a particular technology, do you want your network upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet, would you like someone to write a technical White Paper for your newest product? Over the course of 30+ years of combined experience we have done all of these things and more.

If you don't actually know what you want, we can probably help with that as well. Many Executives and Managers today face the challenge of dealing with IT systems that they fundamentally do not understand.  Whilst accounting and finance have become two of the staples of management training, the IT profession is often overlooked or covered in a very haphazard way. If you think that a private, day-long intensive training session could make you more effective, then give us a call to discuss your needs in confidence. 

We believe in the dictum of maximum return for minimal effort.  The role of a consultant or system designer should be to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business or process, to enable better, smoother functioning of the whole system. Finding ways of doing this is the challenge that motivates us more than anything else. It's not about making the UI [User Interface - i.e. the screen layouts] prettier, or converting the application to be 'cloud-based', although both of those may be advantageous in the right circumstances - it is about working smarter, getting rid of the kinks in the system, turning it into that fabulous and rarely seen 'well-oiled machine'.  Occasionally this will lead us to say, unlike some of our larger more cut-throat competitors, "It is not really broken, don't fix it", although we will usually have one or two suggestions for possible improvements.